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There is probably nothing more beautiful on this earth than a garden of flowers. Not only is it pleasing to the eye, but it also touches our senses in ways that can have a positive impact on our overall health. Here are some surprising benefits of gardening that can improve senior wellness!

Relieves Stress

Whether you have a small patio or acres of land, keeping your outdoor space full of bright colors and the fresh scent of flowers can help bring a sense of calm and peace.  Getting in touch with nature and being exposed to sunlight can uplift your mood and help you forget about life stresses. Many studies also suggest that reducing stress can also help minimize the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Don’t forget, indoor gardening is an option too!

Boosts Immune System

Don’t be afraid to get a little bit of dirt under your fingernails! According to science daily, getting dirty can actually help boost your immune system. Many studies have shown that friendly bacteria known as Mycobacterium vaccae, commonly found in garden dirt can alleviate symptoms of allergies and asthma.

Keeps You Moving

Seniors with limited mobility can often find it challenging to incorporate exercise into their daily routine. Tending to a garden is an easy way to keep seniors moving! If your senior loved one has arthritis, using the right gardening tools can help them to enjoy gardening too!

The Arbors Assisted living encourages our residents to lead a healthy and active lifestyle. For more tips on senior health, check out our blog! To learn more about how we can assist your senior loved one, contact us to schedule a tour of at one of our five convenient communities.

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