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There is probably nothing more beautiful on this earth than a garden of flowers. Not only is it pleasing to the eye, but it also touches our senses in ways that can have a positive impact on our overall health. Here are some surprising benefits of gardening that can improve senior wellness!

Relieves Stress

Whether you have a...
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As we age, it’s more important to find ways to safeguard our eye health. Although you may go for regular eye exams and follow doctor’s orders, there are some other ways you can be proactive when it comes to keeping your peepers in tip-top shape!

Keep a Healthy Diet

Believe it or not, there are certain foods that can...
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April was a fun-filled month of spring activities! Our residents certainly kept busy all month long!


Our residents enjoyed Passover with Rabbi Moss and Rabbi Rosenthal. Our chefs prepared seder plates, we sang Dayenu and learned the importance of keeping traditions alive!

Easter Sunday

The residents at The Arbors in Hauppauge had a fun-filled Easter Sunday! We...
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