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The Arbors’ News

Our Hauppauge residents enjoyed an afternoon at the theater to see the fabulous Dream Girls at CM Performing Arts Center in Oakdale! Our residents loved the music so much we were dancing along to every tune. After the show, we were treated to a pictures with cast members. ...
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assisted living long island

Seniors should participate in some sort of exercise or physical activity for 30 minutes every single day. A good mixture of exercise includes resistance training, stretching, and aerobics. For your aerobics, why not do something fun — like dancing!

Benefits of Dancing

  • Can be adjusted so it can be enjoyed at any age...
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Medicare is Changing

Learn about how these changes will 

affect you before it is too late.

Are you maximizing your Medicare benefits?

You want a plan that works for you.

“It is important to learn about the benefits you may be entitled to for your healthcare. 

Whether you are on Medicare or newly eligible for...

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September 11th 2017 Our Veterans were  invited to attend a 911 ceremony hosted by the Hauppauge Fire Department. During the ceremony our veterans were honored for their service to this great country. Later on in the evening we were given a tour of their 911 monument  which included of a beam (piece) of the world trade center, a slab from the pentagon and a stone from shanksville, Pennsylvania.  Thank You Chief...
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vitamin D | assisted living

Did you know that roughly half of American adults are vitamin D deficient? Thanks to being further away from the equator, many people avoiding sunlight, and the lack of vitamin D in foods, it isn't that hard to become deficient of this much-needed nutrient. If you're a part of one of these groupings, you should consider...

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Happy Grandparents Day!

What a wonderful, fun-filled morning at Islandia East with a character breakfast, balloon twister, magician, face painting, prizes and a live animal show that featured a python, chinchilla, fox, turtles and more brought to you by Party Pets! With lots of children to join with our seniors, as part of our Intergenerational Program, everyone enjoyed each other's company on...
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dementia assisted living

Dementia is a disease that can hurt and limit the strongest of people. As you age, you should be doing everything you can to improve your health and lower your risk of developing dementia. Here are a few things to change in your life:

Add Staples to Your Diet

The three best things you can...

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August is in the books, and what wonderful memories we created! To help celebrate the last full month of summer, our residents enjoyed a wide variety of summer activities that put a whole bunch of smiles on a whole bunch of faces! Take a peek at how we made this last full month of summer, a ton of fun in the sun!

Fishing Trip

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Batter up - Residents of Islandia East, West and Bohemia went to see the Long Island Ducks play Sunday, September 3rd.  Although it started out as a dreary day, by the time the 3rd inning came around so did the sunshine.  Residents enjoyed a real nail bitter.  It was tied score heading into the 8th inning and by the time the ninth inning ended the Ducks won 8 to 7. ...
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