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Alzheimer’s disease is a widespread problem, but that doesn’t make it any easier for the families coping with loved ones suffering from this degenerative illness. In fact, the fear of developing this illness concerns most people. By learning more about the early warning signs, you can be better prepared to handle the disease, whether a senior family member is afflicted, or you develop the illness yourself.

Cognitive Degeneration

The primary symptoms of the illness are related to cognitive functioning, so being watchful of these signs is especially important. A loss of memory, for instance, will likely be one of the first indicators that an individual may be developing the illness. Memory loss can concern smaller details, such as dates and names, or it can concern bigger events and memories of recent occurrences. Often, an indication that someone is experiencing memory loss is the use of memos and notes. They may also ask you to repeat the same things several times. Memory loss will gradually worsen over time.

Inability to Complete Tasks

Another early indication that someone is developing Alzheimer’s disease is an inability to solve problems and complete tasks. This symptom can manifest itself in a number of ways. The individual may no longer stick to prearranged plans or be able to complete things that were once no problem for them. For instance, following a recipe the individual has used several times or driving to a familiar location may suddenly become confusing or frustrating tasks. Additionally, the individual may exhibit an inability to complete simple math equations, such as maintaining a checking account or paying a bill. Ordinary tasks suddenly become impossible to complete, when the illness begins to affect the individual.

Vision Changes

Although most people rarely associate this with the onset of Alzheimer’s disease, it is an early symptom. In the case where the individual is a senior, vision problems are often attributed to advanced age and normal degeneration, but that’s not always the case. Difficulty reading or judging the distance of far away objects may indicate that the disease is affecting other areas of the brain. Distinguishing between colors can also be a symptom.

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