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The Top Foods for Easing Joint Pain

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With each passing year it seems like one thing seems to be increasing for the worst: joint pain. Unfortunately, aging, a poor diet, and genetics play a huge part in the worsening of joint pain in older adults. However, there is good news — joint pain can be reduced by eating certain foods!

Extra Virgin Olive OIl (EVOO)
A diet that incorporates extra virgin olive oil will create an increased amount of lubricin in the body. Lubricin is a protein that protects your joints’ cartilage and serves as a lubricant. Replace normal cooking oils with EVOO when sauteing and add to other dishes like salads dressings and pasta dishes.

While the oranges themselves aren’t going to help decrease joint pain, the peel will. Orange peels contain a bioflavonoid called nobiletin that can lower inflammation and overall pain in joints such as the knees. The next time you peel an orange, leave some of the white peel residue on the fruit. To receive a high concentration of nobiletin, save orange peels and use them to zest certain dishes or add them to smoothies.

One of the most effective ways to decrease joint pain is to increase your consumption of omega-3 fats. This type of fat will decrease inflammation in joints, especially for those who suffer from severe arthritis. Rather than taking pain relievers each day, opt for a fish oil supplement or start eating more fish! Salmon is a great fish choice that contains a high amount of omega-3 fats.

Joint pain can worsen overtime if you’re not careful, so it pays to visit your doctor and include some of these foods in your diet. For other useful tips and information, visit our blog! If you’re interested in learning more, or visiting The Arbors Assisted Living community, schedule a tour by contacting one of our five convenient locations:

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