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Assisted living facilities offer a range of benefits for seniors. You may not know the numerous social benefits included. Here are some examples of why the socialization can benefit a senior at The Arbors Assisted Living.

1. Intellectual Stimulation

Being alone can limit the amount of conversation a senior gets. This may not seem like a big deal, but a lack of conversation means a lack of mental stimulation. Mental facilities associated with communication and critical thinking will diminish faster than with someone who has someone besides the television to talk to. Mental capacity is what keeps someone active and alive. Constant communication and socialization offered at an assisted living community keeps seniors cognitively capable.

2. Less Depression

6.5 million seniors struggle with depression. Much of this depression comes from being isolated and feeling withdrawn. Many seniors can’t maintain the same relationships they were able to when they were younger. They may have physical limitations, and it gets more and more difficult to drive and take public transportation as we get older. Many friends and family members pass away as they get older as well, leaving some seniors feeling alone and depressed, especially if they lost someone close to them. Having people to socialize with is shown to lower depression significantly. The senior doesn’t feel so alone and isolated when they have friends to eat with and do activities with.

3. Sense of Community

There’s comfort in numbers. Feeling alone can be very scary, but when seniors are surrounded by peers, they won’t feel so afraid. Seniors will also get the sense of belonging and community. They will take pride in where they live and work together to keep it looking good. Having a community also means having people who care for you every day.

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