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elderly woman with hearing loss


Hearing is something that we often take for granted, but when your loved one starts to lose it, we begin to realize how precious and important it really is. It is often a very gradual process with most people, especially seniors, often not even noticing until it becomes obvious to everyone around them.

Difficult to Follow Conversations

When hearing starts to go, your elderly loved one will often find it hard to follow a conversation. They will likely not hear questions clearly and they will tend to think that people around them are mumbling. This problem may even be made worse when there is some background noise, such as other people talking nearby, or when music is playing. You may also need to look at the person’s face to catch what they are saying.

As the hearing loss becomes more noticeable, they may tend to start avoiding some social settings. They also may not engage in conversations very often because they are aware that they cannot hear well.

More Misunderstandings

When seniors start to lose their hearing, there is also a greater tendency to have more arguments or misunderstandings. This occurs because the person experiencing hearing loss is only catching some of the words of the conversation, and they misinterpret what the other person is saying.

Turn the TV Up Louder

As the older person becomes aware of their hearing becoming less sharp, you may also notice that when they listen to the radio or TV that the volume is louder. The greater the loss, the louder the music or other electronics will need to be. As the volume gets turned up over time, others will make comments that it is too loud.

Trying to strain to hear and understand the voices around them may even cause them to develop headaches toward the end of each day. While they want to understand what others are saying, it may also lead to tiredness and exhaustion.

If you have a senior that has hearing loss, you may want them to get help at the Arbors Assisted Living in Long Island. These Assisted Living communities help the elderly to continue to enjoy life to its fullest by having very compassionate staff, excellent recreational facilities, and medical experts. The Arbors continues to be the premier site for seniors in the area.

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