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A diagnosis of prostate cancer occurs when genetic mutations lead to the production of cancerous cells, which then causes the prostate gland to grow to an atypical size at an increased rate. Even though the treatability of this form of cancer is exceptionally high, it is important to get regular PSA (prostate specific antigen) screenings for a variety of reasons.

It is Not Just Inherited

Only five to ten percent of prostate cancer cases are actually inherited. Some may assume that they can forgo screenings because they do not have any family history surrounding the disease. The genetic mutations that lead to the development of cancer in the prostate can also be due to hormonal, environmental, and nutritional factors. Since these can contribute to the development of the disease, it is best to get your PSA checked, even if you don’t necessarily consider yourself at an elevated risk for diagnosis.

Be Sure You Know Your Gleason Score

Continous screenings for cancer of the prostate will also give you a pathway to knowing your Gleason score if you obtain a diagnosis. A Gleason scale is what is used to measure the rate at which the cancer is likely to spread. Identifying the disease early on will give you the opportunity to learn what your score is, which can help you and your doctor determine the right method of treatment for you.

Early Detection Means Decreased Progression

Physicians now know that a cancer diagnosis does not always mean that drastic medical intervention is necessary. For men over the age of 70, it is common for practitioners to just monitor the progression or slow it down as opposed to completely eradicating the disease. Even if you are a part of a younger demographic, nonlife-threatening cancers can be effectively monitored and treated with non-invasive methods.

Keeping track of your PSA is essential when it comes to having peace of mind in regards to your health. Routine screenings will allow you to have the most effective treatment results, as well as keep you up to date on prospective symptom management. The staff at our assisted living community can aid you in scheduling screenings and keeping on top of your symptom management.

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