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senior citizen with dry hands

At Arbors Assisted Living, we know that the senior citizens living in our communities often have a problem with dry skin in the winter. Rather than suffering from flaky skin throughout the winter, we offer these important tips for skin care.

Tip 1: Have a Humidifier In Your Room

Buy a small portable humidifier to use in your room to add moisture to the air. These devices are inexpensive and easy to take care of on a daily basis. With more moisture in the air, a senior citizen can avoid having dry patches on their skin. During the summer, it is easy to store a humidifier in a closet or cabinet.

Tip 2: Consume a Healthy Diet

In our senior communities, we offer nutritious meals that contain a lot of vegetables and fruits. When you want to have a snack, we recommend eating more nutrient-rich foods to improve the condition of your skin. Avoid eating junk foods such as cookies or pie that have a lot of calories but few vitamins or minerals.

Tip 3: Use Moisturizing Creams and Lotions

Elderly people should use moisturizing lotions or creams on their body and facial skin. To prevent an allergic reaction, there are moisturizing skin care products that are designed for males or females who have sensitive skin. Apply these products after bathing and throughout the day to keep your skin hydrated.

Tip 4: Bundle Up Before Going Outside

Before going outside, bundle up in warm clothing to protect your skin from the cold winds. In addition to warm slacks and sweaters, wear a heavy coat, winter scarf and thick gloves. Pull your winter scarf up over your mouth and nose to protect your facial skin.

Tip 5: Drink a Lot Of Liquids

It is important to drink a lot of liquids in the winter to avoid dehydration. Pure water is the best way to hydrate your skin, but fruit juices and milk can also add moisture to your body. Avoid drinking too many caffeinated beverages because coffee and tea can dehydrate your skin.

During the winter, we offer a variety of social or recreational activities for our senior citizens to keep them active and vital. Contact us today to learn more about our senior citizen communities.

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