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The winter months are a time to hunker down indoors to stay warm and safe. If you have a special senior in your life, you understandably may be concerned about his or her safety and well-being throughout a long, challenging winter season. With focused effort, you can promote safe, healthy activities that keep your loved one fully engaged mentally and physically throughout the winter and in the years ahead.

Move to a Social Community

Now is a great time to assess your loved one’s residence. The residence may impact his or her health and safety, social opportunities and more. Is your elderly loved one in an active community that offers ample on-site events and coordinated activities in a safe environment? Is your loved one around others who share similar interests and abilities? Finding a wonderful home or community that is well-suited for your loved one can help you to promote activity and engagement regardless of weather conditions.

Encourage Indoor Fitness Activities

Your favorite senior citizen may enjoy spending time outdoors when the weather is nice. Gardening, walking and other activities are great ways for seniors to stay active and enjoy fresh air and sunshine. However, these are not safe or enjoyable when frigid weather conditions set in. You can encourage indoor fitness activities, such as by buying lightweight dumbbells or driving your senior to an age-appropriate fitness class regularly.

Follow Traditions

Your family may have numerous traditions throughout the year — for example a birthday or Valentine’s day tradition. By including your loved one in these traditions, you can promote superior emotional and mental health, and you may also help him or her to stay more active indoors.

You understandably only want the best for your loved one, but it can be challenging to focus as much time and attention on your loved one as may be needed at all times. Keep in mind that help and support may be available in various ways. By spending time exploring the many options available and assessing your loved one’s current needs and abilities, you can make plans that are in his or her best interests throughout the winter and beyond. To learn more about The Arbors Assisted Living and how we can help your loved one be part of a safe and loving community, contact us today.

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