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Over the years, pet therapy has become more popular to help individuals who suffer from physical and mental ailments. Numerous studies conducted on the correlation between pet therapy and senior health has shown an overwhelming amount of benefits. Here’s how pet therapy can have a positive impact on senior health.

Increases Socialization Skills

Some of our elderly clients are isolated in their homes, and this can lead to poor socialization skills. However, interaction between animals and older adults may help them begin to communicate more with others. With increased socializing, an elderly individual is less likely to develop depression and feelings of loneliness. When the elderly individual has a happier mood, he will want to engage in other activities with other adults.

A Reduction in Anxiety

If your senior loved one struggles with anxiety then pet therapy is a perfect choice. Holding a cat or dog can help an individual to become calmer, leading to a reduction in blood pressure. This occurs because the pleasure center of the person’s brain releases helpful endorphins. As the individual’s breathing rate and blood pressure decline, mental anxiety is also reduced.

Releasing or Overcoming Grief

While grieving is normal for the loss of a loved one, seniors may have difficulty dealing with their feelings. With pet therapy, an individual can find comfort in a dog or cat, and the play between the individual and animal can help them through the grieving process. Seniors may even find comfort in talking to a pet as well — the animal’s reaction when spoken to is often and enthusiastic display of loving behavior.   

Reducing the Effects from Dementia Conditions

Research has shown that spending time with a pet may help prevent dementia conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease. Physical contact with a dog or a cat can help a senior to remain connected emotionally to improve the way that the synapses in the brain function. The mental stimulation from interaction with animals can improve an elderly person’s memory recall.

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