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A sweetly decorated cookie cutter ornament. A handmade holiday candle. Personalized homemade holiday cards. Chances are just reading this list makes you want to break out your crafting supplies and make something to get yourself into the holiday spirit. Crafts like these add warmth to the holidays and even better, they really don’t have an age limit. Anyone can make them at any age, including seniors.

In fact, crafting activities such as these are perfect for people who live in senior living communities. They provide plenty of fun, plus an opportunity to be social with others. If you’re trying to plan some fun and easy holiday crafts for your senior community, you can’t go wrong with these four items.

Cookie Cutter Ornaments

Cookie cutter ornaments count as some of the yummiest holiday crafts around. And best of all, they’re super easy to make. You start with a solid Christmas cookie recipe, like a sugar cookie or a butter cookie recipe. Make the cookie recipe as you would normally. Once you have the dough rolled out, it’s time to get out the cookie cutters. Go with cookie cutters shaped like Christmas trees or gingerbread men. Punch a round hole in the top. (This will be where you’ll string the ribbon to hang the ornament on the tree.)

Put them into the oven to bake and then decorate them with frosting when they’re done. Cut six-inch pieces of red or green ribbon and string them through the hole at the top of the cookie. Hang the ornament cookie on the tree when you’re done.

Gingerbread House

One of the easiest crafts you can make is gingerbread house. You can find pre-made inexpensive kits at any craft or grocery store. Whether you’d like to construct a grand gingerbread house or a small quaint one, you can easily find them in a variety of sizes. Once your gingerbread house is complete, put it on display for the holidays!

Crafty Holiday Candles

Who says that holiday crafts need to be completely made from scratch? Some of the easiest crafts start with some basic ready-made goods that are gussied up to make them more holiday-ish. One such craft is the holiday candle. Go to any dollar store and pick up a variety of plain candles. Choose candles in glass containers, as well as some tapered candles.

Once you have the candles, add festive elements onto them, like holiday ribbons, buttons, glitter, and other goodies. Or get out some acrylic paint and paint a Santa or snowman face on the candle. Or write a short poem or a New Year’s resolution on the side of the candle. Set these sweet holiday decorations in a cluster on the tables in the community to make pretty holiday centerpieces.

Holiday Cards

Holiday cards brighten people’s mailboxes and their fireplaces come the holidays. They also happen to be some of the simplest items to make for the holidays. To create a paper craft for the seniors in your community, gather together items like construction paper or card stock paper. Bring out scissors, glue, glitter, wrapping paper, markers, colored pencils, and other crafty tools.

Encourage crafters to make holiday cards for their family and friends. To make this activity even more complete, be sure to buy envelopes and postage stamps so that the crafters can send the cards out once they’re done. The people in the community can share their holiday well wishes or a New Year’s resolution or two with everyone on their Christmas lists!

Why Do Senior Crafting Activities?

People who remain actively engaged in social activities not only enjoy their golden years more, but they tend to remain healthier to boot. Seniors who regularly engage in activities are shown to have better physical health, greater cognitive function, and longer lives.

Additionally, these types of activities can be extended beyond the community walls. Seniors who have family in the area can invite them to participate in these crafting activities, which helps them maintain strong family bonds throughout the duration of their lives.

The Arbors Assisted Living community encourages and supports healthy and social activity. We provide a variety of activities that foster a healthful lifestyle. Contact us to learn more!

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