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Class of 2015 Continuing Education Graduates at Bohemia

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The Arbors at Bohemia had their 2015 graduation ceremony, the residents participated in a variety of continuing education programs, today was their graduation luncheon and ceremony where they received their diplomas, and wore their caps and gowns. 

The goals of the Continuing Education program:

  • Provide an opportunity for continued life long interest in education
  • Provide opportunities for residents to share life experiences as they relate to the subject matter.
  • Provide an opportunity for accomplishment by successfully completing the criteria for graduation.

The most important aspect of the Continuing Education Program is that it enhances the quality of life of our residents.

One graduate stated: “Continuing Education allows me to vividly recall the feelings I experienced during school days long ago-memories of classes I attended and enjoyed just for the fun of learning.”

“You are never too old to learn…” “When I came here, I never thought I would learn so much or do things I never knew in my life…” “there is nothing like this that convinces you KNOWLEDGE IS POWER…” So commented several graduates of the The Arbors At Westbury Adult Education Program.

Continuing Education empowers the residents to make decisions and exercise control over their lives. It enables them to maintain their sense of self-worth and dignity. Residents acknowledge a sense of personal growth. Their revitalized sense of self allows them to reach out to others, participate enthusiastically in other activities and feel connected to the outside world and to previous educational pursuits.

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