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Magazines for Seniors

Who said print magazines are heading for extinction? Some of the best periodicals have been around for decades and have been pioneers in the making of the modern-day blog! For those seniors who love to read and physically turn pages, we’ve compiled some elderly-friendly magazine publications that will fire-up the brain cells and enlighten the thinking mind!

For the Nature-Loving Senior!

Birds and Blooms Magazine
This is not your average bird-watching publication. Birds and Blooms Magazine has plenty of good stuff to see and read! The pages are packed with vibrant pictures that have captured beautiful birds living in their natural habitat. Any nature-lover will enjoy the amazing photography as well as fascinating birding stories and facts. If you know a senior who has a love for all things nature and outdoors, give Birds and Blooms Magazine a gander!

Guilty Pleasures!

People Magazine
Who can resist reading about the glitz and glamour of famous Hollywood celebs? From celebrity gossip and fashion to heartwarming and uplifting true stories, People Magazine is chock-full of reading fun! Any senior who loves tales of true human interest and entertainment industry news, People Magazine will deliver!

The Hippest Mag for Seniors

AARP Magazine
As of late AARP Magazine has changed its public perception. It’s probably one of the hippest periodicals for the senior crowd and we concur! Celebrities such as Dolly Parton, Harrison Ford, Cyndi Lauper, Bruce Springsteen and Jack Nicholson have all graced the covers of AARP; and Rolling Stone Magazine too by the way! The contemporary senior who craves information about healthy living and entertainment, as well as beauty and style, will not want to miss out on this subscription, which is free with an AARP membership. Now, what’s cooler than that!

It’s a Classic!

Reader’s Digest
Reader’s Digest
has been in publication since the 1920’s. This classic publication is a plethora of fun and informational articles. From health and wellness and self-help to the latest trends in medicine and money, Reader’s Digest is for those seniors who have a slightly nerdy side with a thirst for learning and feeding their brain.

The Good Ol’ Days!

Reminisce Magazine
The “word from the bird” is that seniors will love turning the pages of Reminisce Magazine! Go back in time to the most amazing vintage photos that are displayed scrapbook style as well as articles depicting the American lifestyle from days of old. This magazine is perfect for anyone who loves to talk about their younger years and likes to take strolls through memory lane. The pages are filled with old pop culture, classic cars, forgotten crazes and cool fads of yesteryear! All the nostalgic fun is right here Daddy-O!

Reading is a great way for seniors to keep their mind sharp! We encourage our residents to participate in activities that stimulate the brain. We provide a variety of activities that promote a good, healthy lifestyle. The Arbors Assisted Living is a community that fosters a supportive and compassionate environment for the elderly. Contact us today to learn more.

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