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Osteoporosis is a debilitating disease where the bones become brittle and break easily. It affects many older people, especially women. Exercise can help strengthen the supporting muscles and joints, and assist in preventing falls and the progression of the disease itself. Here are a few exercises to try if you’ve been diagnosed with this condition.


Walking is one of the best exercises for people with this bone disease. It is a weight-bearing exercise which is good for the condition. Brisk walking is ideal, but you can start out at a slow pace if you aren’t used to much exercise. Walking on an incline challenges your body even more such as climbing hills or stairs. Just be careful when you increase the pace or the resistance.

Stair Stepping

This is another good exercise which will help strengthen your muscles and increase bone density. You can either find a set of stairs to climb or you can use a stair stepping machine. The machine will be easier on your joints, especially if you aren’t used to this kind of workout.

Weight Lifting

When you strengthen your muscles, you help slow the bone loss. You can use weight machines or free weights, but make sure you choose a light enough weight that you can still use proper form. If you live in an assisted living center, you can often find someone to help you learn how to do the exercises correctly.


Yoga won’t directly help your bones, but it will improve your posture and balance, which can reduce your risk of falling. People who live in assisted living centers may not be as active as they once were, and they can benefit from regular exercise programs. Yoga designed specifically for seniors is fun and easy to do while still challenging enough for you to enjoy the benefits.

If you have developed osteoporosis or are at risk for developing the condition, you should begin a regular exercise program right away. It can prevent future issues such as bone loss and falls which may lead to broken bones. It’s never too late to start caring for your bones to ensure a healthy life as a retiree.

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