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Contrary to popular belief, seniors certainly can keep up with their younger counterparts. Since we get to spend most of our time with seniors every day, we have seen some amazing things they can do — and they surely do it with gusto! With so many misconceptions about aging, we want to share some surprising facts that you probably didn’t know about seniors and aging.

Myth #1 – Getting Old Is Depressing

Many studies actually show that seniors are one of the happiest age groups! Seniors that have an active social life and stay involved with hobbies and community activities are more likely to remain content and stave off depression.

Myth #2 – Aging Means Loneliness

Some seniors may be more lonely than others, especially if they have limited mobility. However, most seniors are socially active and have lots of family and friends to keep them company.

Myth #3 – Seniors are Grumpy

Seniors are typically portrayed as grouchy and grumpy in movies and on TV, but it’s simply a stereotype. Visit an assisted living community, such as The Arbors, and you’ll see smiling faces having fun and participating in many activities!

Myth #4 – Senility is Inevitable

As we age, our memory may not be as sharp, but that doesn’t mean that every elderly person will go senile. Many seniors today pay more attention to their health. Eating healthy and exercising can help prevent Alzheimer’s disease among other health issues.

Myth #5 – Seniors Won’t Have Energy to Exercise

Did you know that Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Associate Justice of the Supreme Court,  is 85 years old and works out twice a week week with a personal trainer? She’s certainly an inspiration to all of us! While seniors may have to modify their exercise routines tailored to their mobility, it doesn’t mean they can’t work out. Seated or low impact exercises like walking and swimming are perfect ways for older adults to keep moving!

The Arbors Assisted Living community encourages and supports seniors to lead a healthy and active lifestyle. We provide a variety of nutritious meals as well as many enjoyable activities!  Contact us to learn more about how The Arbors Assisted Living can help your senior loved one.

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