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Christmas is just around the corner!  For those who participate in the joy of gift giving, you may be wondering how to fill your senior loved one’s stocking this year! With so many options, here are some ideas that every senior will love!

1. Jewelry

Whether your senior loved one likes something simple or prefers a more elaborate piece, bracelets, necklaces, and rings make great stocking stuffers. Both men and women will appreciate something that they may not necessarily buy for themselves.

2. Keepsake Ornament

A unique ornament to commemorate the year is always a favorite. You can personalize with a special engraved message or choose an ornament that represents a hobby or favorite pastime.

3.  Mini Photo Albums

Your senior loved one will love to look back on memories they have shared with family and friends. While a mini photo album is undoubtedly an inexpensive gift, seeing your loved one smile when they look through it will be priceless.

4. Puzzles

Not only can puzzles be a fun pastime for your senior loved one, but there are also a host of health benefits too. From crossword puzzles to word find, you’re loved one can sharpen their noggin. Puzzles can be a brain-boosting exercise for all!

5. Stationary and a Book of Stamps

For those who love to write handwritten letters, this is the perfect stocking stuffer! Adding a book of stamps will give them an incentive to send out letters to family and friends.

6. Small Handy Tools

Anyone who enjoys tinkering and fixing things will love an all-purpose tool. From swiss army knives to pocket screwdrivers and wrenches, your favorite senior will stay busy for sure!

7. Magnets

Not only do refrigerator magnets make excellent keepsakes, but they are practical too. Your loved one can hang notes and to-do lists. A calendar magnet is also great for an at-a-glance view of upcoming doctor appointments, anniversaries, birthdays and more!

8. Flavored Teas

Assorted teas can make great stocking stuffers, and it’s good for you too! From staving off free radicals to anti-inflammatory properties, your loved one will get a dose of health benefits in each sip!

9. Hobby Supplies

Is your loved one crafty? Whether they like to sew, knit or build model cars, any extra supplies are sure to be appreciated.

10. Flower Seeds

If your senior loved one has a green thumb, flower seeds can make an excellent stocking stuffer. Not only can they get a head start on their spring garden, studies show that having greenery and flowers around the home can help reduce blood pressure and anxiety levels.

The Arbors Assisted Living is a community that provides a variety of activities that constitute a good, healthy lifestyle. For more information on how to keep your loved one active, healthy and happy, contact us today!

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