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eyedrop mistakes Do you use prescription or over-the-counter eye drops regularly (or from time to time)? If so, do you know if you’re applying them correctly? You might think you are, but there are a few common mistakes most people make when using their trusty dropper.

Applying Multiple Drops At Once

On the instructions of eye drops it will tell you how many...
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oral health in seniors A lot of emphases is placed on the health of your heart, blood pressure, cholesterol levels, mind, and many other areas (as it should be). However, there’s one area of the body that’s oftentimes overlooked — the mouth. Oral health is something all people of all ages should be focused on monitoring and improving.

Dry Mouth

One of...
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Multiple Sclerosis Living with multiple sclerosis (MS) is not an easy feat — especially for seniors that already need assistance with daily activities. This incurable disease is said to cause accelerated aging, making it harder for you to get through the day. For those who have recently been diagnosed, or have had MS for a very long time, here are some...
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dealing with loneliness in seniors Do you have an older friend or family member that has recently become more quiet, visibly upset, or distant? Your loved one may be experiencing feelings of loneliness. In order to help this person not feel like they’re alone, make sure you:

Always Communicate

Have you ever gone the entire day without speaking to a single soul? Days like...
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July is officially a wrap and boy, oh boy was it a fun month here at The Arbors! Alongside the jam-packed itineraries at each of The Arbors’ communities, there were a handful of special events that our residents experienced — and had a blast with! Here’s a quick recap of all the fun events from July:

4th of July - Veterans BBQ

The veterans of the Hauppauge community attended a wonderful BBQ...
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The Arbors Back to School Supply Drive Donate school supplies: Composition note books, back packs, pencils, pens, erasers, glue sticks, etc.

by August 25th

All supplies will be donated to Long Island Cares all donations given to local children in need.

Drop supplies at any of our Communities:

1065 Smithtown Avenue, Bohemia

1515 Veterans...

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body warning signs Look in the mirror — do you look any different now than you did just a few days ago? If you notice anything strange or different, chances are this is your body trying to tell you that something is wrong. Ignoring your body’s warning signs could leave you with health risks that could develop into more serious ones...
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senior healthy skin There’s no better feeling than spending your time outside in the summertime. On the other hand, there’s no worse feeling than having burnt, dried skin. As a result, there are things you should be doing to help keep your skin healthy this summer.

Apply Enough Sunscreen

While there are many people that don’t wear sunscreen at all (shame on you), there...
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senior man sedentary lifestyle Spending your days sitting down seems like it would be nice and relaxing. While this is true, the long-term effects of doing this day after day, month after month, can negatively affect your health. Being inactive for extended periods of time with minimal movement and no exercise is far from relaxing — it’s deadly!

How Does Being...

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senor headaches Have you ever gotten a headache so bad it felt like someone was beating your head like a drum? Not only are headaches painful, but they can seriously limit how much you can get done throughout your day. Headaches can happen for a multitude of reasons and it’s important for you to know how, so you can avoid...
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