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Top 10 Smart Strategies for Evaluating An Assisted Living Community

1) Visit numerous residences and compare for yourself, perhaps even keeping a journal where you jot down notes about each community.

2) Pay close attention to the ways in which staff members attend to residents and meet their needs. Also, ask what the staff to resident ratio is.

3) Carefully review the community’s calendar of activities, trips and planned events in particular, look for a varying assortment of activities designed to get everyone involved.

4) Try the food personally for taste and ask to see a monthly menu to determine variety. Ask if special dietary needs are accommodated.

5) Look around the community and appraise such things as decorating schemes (i.e., handsome woodwork and design accents) along with cleanliness, landscaping and other “housekeeping” criteria that are indicative of a high quality assisted living community.

6) Take note of items vital to a well designed assisted living residence, such as lighting, unobstructed pathways and accessibility.

7) Stroll through the “common” areas where people congregate, including dining rooms and lounges; making a mental note of how residents share one another’s company.

8) Ask about the security and safety measures that are in place at the community.

9) Make it a point to go inside an apartment or two, evaluating such things as ease of moving about the apartment.

10) Contact your county’s and/or state’s licensing agency to make certain the community is up to date with inspections and other requirements. Have a clear understanding of price structure. Also, inquire about any additional costs.

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