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Assisted Living FAQs

Is an assisted living community the same thing as a “nursing home”?

No. People who live in a nursing home typically require constant and continual medical care, often involving a registered nurse and other medical professionals. In an assisted living community, seniors may need help with some daily routines such as grooming and getting dressed, but they are not medically dependent – in fact, assisted living residents enjoy an active lifestyle that can be highly fulfilling and enriching.

What does “all-inclusive” mean?

We understand that navigating assisted living can be difficult and the fees associated with it can be confusing, because it usually depends on the amount of care or assistance your loved one needs. This is why we decided to simplify it for you and make all care included in our monthly rate. If your loved one’s needs increase, your rate will not increase because of additional care needs. This all-inclusive rate plan makes it easier to plan ahead and concentrate on enjoying your time together.

Dad and I have talked about the possibility of assisted living, and he actually seems to get angry with me every time I bring it up… making such comments as “how could I have the nerve to entertain such a thought.” Is this normal?

Keep in mind that your parent has taken care of his own needs, and before that, yours. It’s common for older people not to realize that their ability to care for themselves is not what it used to be. The key in your conversations with your dad is to emphasize the positives of assisted living, such as the opportunity to make new friends and to become involved in a variety of stimulating social events.

Over the past year, my mom has become increasingly forgetful, even with routine things such as personal hygiene and taking her medications. Could assisted living be right for her?

There is a very good possibility that assisted living is the ideal choice for your mom. Assisted living communities, although they encourage independence, can provide personal help with certain everyday tasks such as bathing and grooming as well as monitoring medication intake.

Since mom passed away, dad very rarely goes anywhere and for the most part keeps to himself. I was told that assisted living communities emphasize group participation. Could dad benefit from such an approach?

Most assisted living residences offer a diverse array of fun and educational group-based activities that are designed to appeal to nearly all seniors, fostering friendships while also providing a sense of accomplishment and purpose that can be instrumental in helping older people “feel younger”.

Mom has never really been a “joiner”. Would she feel obligated to participate in group activities all the time?

Not at all. Certainly her participation would be encouraged and appreciated, yet, assisted living communities respect the privacy and desires of each resident and those who choose not to take part in a group activities are not made to feel obligated to do so.

How can I be confident that dad will feel safe living in an assisted living community?

Usually, older people say that they feel more safe and secure in an assisted living community than they had felt during previous years living alone. What’s more, their children can have the peace of mind in knowing that someone is continually there for their parents, just in case.

My mother is quite stubborn and has always demanded that she do things her own way. Might she feel an intrusion on her independent mindset while living at an assisted living community?

Respect for a resident’s wishes are always a priority at an assisted living residence. Staff members are specially trained to not only support independent lifestyles, but also to encourage residents to think on their own and make their own decisions whenever possible. Still, if needed or desired, caring assistance will be provided.

Dad loves his food and can be very finicky about it. Also, as a diabetic, he has specific nutritional needs. Can I be assured that dad will eat properly?

Delicious and nutritionally balanced meals are typically served restaurant style in beautifully appointed dining areas providing the feeling of “going out to eat” for every meal. Those, like your dad, with special dietary needs are always accommodated. This is a stark contrast to a nursing home where the food might commonly be similar in preparation and taste to “hospital food”.