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Companion Living

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From reducing loneliness to providing the companionship they have been missing, having a special friend close by is a great benefit of companion living at The Arbors.

Why you might consider companion living:

Companionship — It’s easy for loneliness to set in for the senior who has spent their entire lives with their spouse. Lack of socialization can contribute to isolation and even depression. The daily presence of a companion can drastically reduce the feeling of isolation and/or loneliness.

Ease Transition into the Community – Having a companion encourages more regular socialization. Having a friend can help ease the way into participating in activities. Your companion can help you navigate the community’s unique culture. It’s easier to make new friends together.

A Sense of Security – Because they see each other every day, companions can be the first to notice changes that occur in the health or ability of a senior. Are they sleeping more? Do they seem more confused than yesterday? Are they missing meals? Although not expected, letting the staff know of any observations regarding the well-being of their companion can be helpful.

Longer Life Expectations – Various social scientific studies confirm that social relationships not only enhance our quality of life, but actually extend our life expectancy. Creating a source of constant companionship can enhance mental and emotional stimulation and in turn help with overall health and longevity.

Cost Savings — Of course from a cost perspective, the decreased monthly rent on accommodations saves on assisted living costs.

We are social creatures and even if you have the resources to afford your own space, sharing a room can come with a number of benefits to consider. The Arbors residents are matched through a common background or interest that can serve as a foundation for friendship.