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St. Patrick’s Day is a spirited holiday that people all around the world celebrate every year on March 17th, regardless if they are of Irish heritage or not. St. Patrick’s Day is a time to get seniors involved in many fun activities. The following options are excellent ideas to help seniors have a blast celebrate the day of the wearing o’ the green!

Have a Community Dinner with an Irish Theme

An Irish-themed dinner is an entertaining way to get seniors to gather together, be social and celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. No matter what you decide to serve, setting the table with Irish-themed paper plates and serving green punch is a simple way to bring some cheer to the feast. Sprinkle some paper shamrocks and green beads on the table for some extra Irish cheer.

Have a St. Patrick’s Day Painting Party

Putting together a painting and craft party for your elderly loved one is a great way to share in some St. Patrick’s Day fun. Don’t worry about painting skills! Rainbows, shamrocks, leprechauns, and pots of gold are perfect simple symbols that are easy to create. Additionally, painting and crafting will help your loved one use their creative talents while boosting hand-eye-coordination.

Bake Green Treats

There are dozens of delicious treats that seniors will enjoy making to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Cupcakes, cakes, cookies and Rice Krispy treats, are all incredibly simple to make with a St. Patrick’s Day twist. Just gather up the green sprinkles, food coloring, chocolate gold coins, and St. Patrick’s Day-themed candy (Reese’s and M&M’s do a special release each March) for a fun day of baking delicious goodies.

Attend a St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Going to a St. Patrick’s Day Parade or local celebration is a great way for seniors to celebrate the festivities as a group or with loved ones. You can check your local event’s calendar to find information about any local parades or themed events that are open to the public. Plus, it’s a great excuse to get outside and enjoy some sunshine. Rumor has it that the sun always shines on St. Patrick’s Day!

Read the Original Story of St. Patrick

Many families of Irish heritage gather together before or after dinner to hear the story of St. Patrick. Your loved one can read to young children and give them a wonderful tradition that they can carry with them into adulthood. Additionally, your loved one will enjoy the chance to lead such a heartwarming activity, much to the delight of captivated children.

The Arbors Assisted living encourages residents to participate in many activities thorought the year. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your loved one lead a happy and healthy senior life!

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