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Everyday Tips to Help Prevent Blindness

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As a person enters their golden years, senses can begin to decline — especially vision. Developing blindness can be common among seniors who aren’t exactly the picture of health. Luckily, there are things you can do now to prevent blindness in the future.

Eye Doctor Visits

For those with vision problems, they should be going to the eye doctor at a minimum of once per year. For everyone else, you still need to have comprehensive eye exams, but not as frequently.

  • At age 40, a baseline exam should have been completed.
  • After the baseline exam, schedule an eye exam at least every two to four years until you’re 55.
  • At age 55, schedule an eye exam at least every one to three years until you’re 64.
  • Then at the ripe age of 65, make sure you’re going once per year.

Quit Smoking

Smoking cigarettes will obviously cause lung and other health problems, but did you know it can also affect the health of your eyes? According to the CDC, smoking increases a person’s risk of developing cataracts, dry eyes, and macular degeneration. Cyanide from the smoke will enter the bloodstream, damaging the eye’s cells. This is just one of many reasons you should put the cigarettes down…

Throw Some Shades On

Everyone knows staring into the sun can damage your eyes, but simply being outside in the sun can also cause damage. This is why everyone should have a pair of shades on deck for those extra-sunny days. However, don’t just buy a cheap pair from the dollar store. Make sure the sunglasses have 100 percent protection from both UVA and UVB (short and long ultraviolet) rays.

Vision can deteriorate with age, so it’s important to do all you can now to prevent blindness from developing down the road.For other useful tips and information, visit our blog! If you’re interested in learning more or visiting The Arbors Assisted Living community, schedule a tour by contacting one of our five convenient locations:

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