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As we age, being proactive about our health is more important than ever. Having a healthcare routine and scheduling regular visits with your doctor has many benefits. If you are caring for an elderly senior, here are some advantages to well-checks.

Find Problems Before They Start

The key to overall good health and wellness is the early detection of any ailments or diseases. Finding out issues with your health early on can help you take charge and be proactive in the care you receive. For example, some elderly adults may experience a cognitive decline, but early treatments may be able to slow the rate of development of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Keep Your Medical Records Up to Date

Each time you have a well-check, your doctor will make detailed notes of any immunizations, tests, and other pertinent information about your visit. Keeping your medical records up to date can help your physician determine medication changes, remind you when you are due for immunizations as well as when you should have your next well-check.

Enhances the Doctor-Patient Relationship

Having an open dialogue and excellent communication with your doctor can help improve your care. When your doctor is familiar with your medical history, they can better assess your overall health and may be able to detect any issues or a decline in health quicker. Your yearly visit is also a good time to present your health concerns and how your prescriptions or over-the-counter drugs may be affecting you, and if any changes should be made.

The Arbors Assisted Living encourages our senior residents to live an active and healthy lifestyle. For more information about senior health and wellness, visit our blog! If you’re interested in learning about how an assisted living community could benefit your loved one, contact us to schedule a tour at any of our five convenient locations.


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