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Why Sleep is Important

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How many times have you gotten a wonderful night’s sleep in the past week? If your answer is not every night then you may need to adjust your sleeping habits. Sleep is more important than you think because it can vastly improve your overall health.

A Healthy Brain
During your beauty rest, the brain will take all of the day’s information and process it. It is said that while you sleep your brain can create pathways to help you increase your ability to learn and remember information. With old age, loss of memory can be more common so be sure to get in all of your hours when you hit the pillow each night.

Emotional Health
Lack of sleep and over-tiredness can contribute to increased irritability. It will then begin to affect your decision-making and problem-solving abilities. For those who sleep for less hours than normal, your risk of depression and risky behaviour will also increase.

Aiding Your Immune System
Getting a good night’s sleep won’t prevent you from getting sick, but it can help give your immune system a boost. During the sleep cycle, your body will use this time to heal and repair itself. Any kind of damaged tissue, muscle, or bone will heal faster while you sleep because your body is focusing solely on repairing it. This process is a lot slower while you are awake.

Up and At ‘Em
When a person sleeps less than they should they feel fatigued and drained of their energy. Feeling like this will make physical activity a lot harder to accomplish, like daily exercise. It will also make it harder to participate in activities that require a lot of brainpower or involve your emotions. A full night of sleep will give you the recharge you need in order to take on the day with a body and soul that’s filled with energy!

Sleep is an important part of our lives that can’t be ignored and should be monitored more by all. At The Arbors Assisted Living, we believe in a good night’s sleep for all of the residents in the community. Interested in seeing more of the community at The Arbors? Learn more, or schedule a tour, by contacting one of our five convenient locations:

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