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Why Live With a Companion?

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For those who live alone, they’re missing out on an essential part of daily life: socializing! Everyone needs to abandon a life of isolation and live with someone who wants to make friends just as much as they do. Here’s why living with a companion at The Arbors is everything you’ve dreamed of!

  1. Companionship – Loneliness and depression have a higher chance of developing in those who live alone. A lack of socializing can make one feel like they are isolated from the rest of the world. Having a companion by your side, even for just a few hours per day, can help reduce any feelings of loneliness.
  2. An Easier Transition – Living with a companion will give you a friend, but it will also open up the opportunity to meet that person’s friends. Creating a social circle of friends is easier to do when you have a friend right off the bat!
  3. A Sense of Security – Friends always have each other’s backs and let them know when something happens or changes. When seniors live together they can notice the subtle things others might not notice. Each person will have someone keeping an eye out for the other’s behavior and health.
  4. Longer Life Expectations – There have been many studies that correlate social relationships to a longer life expectancy. Being able to talk to a friend regularly can help mental and emotional stimulation. In doing so, a person’s health and longevity have the chance of improving.
  5. Cost Savings – Finally, living with a companion can help soften the cost of monthly rent. Living alone can cost more — money, and all of the benefits they are missing out on. Even if money isn’t an obstacle, you can’t put a price tag on friendship!

To make the companion selection better for all, people are matched through a common background or interest. Are you interested in hearing more about companion living at The Arbors Assisted Living? Learn more, or schedule a tour, by contacting one of our five convenient locations:

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