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Medications with Additional Health Benefits

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There’s a long list of medications available that help with current or potential health risks. These drugs help deter those health risks and give people the opportunity to remain healthy. As an added bonus, there are some medications that offer additional health benefits.

The Flu Shot
Additional Health Benefit: Lower Risk of Heart Attack & Stroke
Getting a shot that prevents a nasty illness is more than enough reason to head to the doctor’s’ office. The purpose of this shot is to block any inflammatory responses caused by the flu which helps protect your arterial plaques from rupturing, hurting your heart. According to a doctor at the Women’s College Hospital in Toronto, getting vaccinated will lower your risk of heart attack or stroke by 48 percent!

Additional Health Benefit: Lower Risk of Breast Cancer
Taking Metformin helps battle diabetes by increasing a person’s insulin sensitivity and decreasing their production of glucose. As a result, a person’s blood sugar levels will decrease, but so will a woman’s chances of developing breast cancer. According to Breast Cancer Research and Treatment, women who took metformin had a 17 percent lower risk of breast cancer. Those same women who took this drug for at least three years saw a 25 percent lower risk.

Beta-Blockers to Reduce Blood Pressure
Additional Health Benefit: Lower Risk of Dementia
The unfortunate side effect of high blood pressure is poor blood flow, especially to the brain. This can increase the risk of developing memory loss diseases such as dementia. For men who take beta-blockers to lower their pressure levels, they see up to 50 percent fewer brain lesions. These beta blockers will help lower pulse rates, enhance blood flow, and reduce stress on the brain’s blood vessels.

Taking your medication as prescribed by the doctor can not only help a current condition, but also lower your chances of developing a future disease. At The Arbors communities. we have on-site doctors and medication management available for all of our lovely residents. If you’re interested in learning more, or visiting The Arbors Assisted Living community, schedule a tour by contacting one of our five convenient locations:

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