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How to Cope When an Older Parent is Acting Out

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As a person ages, there are many factors that can cause them to act out. Whether it’s a defense mechanism for loneliness or a health issue such as dementia or depression, this is something that shouldn’t be ignored. Helping out a parent can be tough so here are some tips you can utilize to help yourself cope with the issue at hand.

Help Yourself
Being able to help a loved one through a difficult phase in their life can be a mountainous task to accomplish. They can shy away from talking, act out in rage, refuse to leave their home, and do many other things that can take an emotional toll on you. Try to remember that you need to be in a positive mindset in order for you to effectively help someone. It’s often impossible to help someone manage their emotions if you haven’t managed your own.

Behave Accordingly
When your loved one needs help be sure to assist them with a smile. Complaining about helping them out can make them feel like they shouldn’t ask for help. With age, people will begin to need more assistance with certain daily tasks and activities and you should want to help. It’s important to let them know that you’re happy to help them and that it’s okay for others to help them when they need it most.

Clear Communication
Openly communicating is something that is often times overlooked and should be done every time you speak. Sometimes certain conversations can get heated and this is where you need to take a step back. Rather than blaming them or saying something you don’t mean, take a deep breath and stay calm. Let them explain why they are feeling a certain way and then try to understand what the issue is and what steps can be taken for a resolution.

Using these tips to help manage your interactions with a parent or loved one can help make life a whole lot easier. Sometimes all a person needs is to feel like they belong which is why The Arbors Assisted Living community might be the perfect place to live. To learn more, or to schedule a tour, contact one of our five convenient locations:

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