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How the Internet Can Keep Seniors Connected

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In moderation, using the internet and social networking sites can provide many benefits to its users — especially seniors. The internet can do a wonderful job of helping seniors stay connected to their friends and family

Seniors Who Don’t Use the Internet

Did you know that almost 27 percent of seniors that are 80 and older have zero interest in using a computer? These seniors, also known as “shut-ins,” tend to be more isolated from the community than others, either by choice or due to an impairment. Unfortunately, these shut-ins tend to experience poorer health, greater loneliness, and a lower quality of life.

How Many Seniors Use the Internet?

Less than one-third of seniors actually use a computer once per month. Even more surprising, less than 20 percent of seniors know how to text on a mobile device. Other than speaking on the phone, many seniors have no form of online communication. Why is this? More than half of seniors find that using a computer is too confusing and that learning how would take too long.

Do Seniors Want to Use the Internet?

Seniors are becoming the fastest growing demographic in the United States due to the increase in average lifespan. For all of the seniors surveyed, 60 percent said that technology could help them improve their communication with friends and family. One-third said they would love to be able to text and video chat their loved ones, with many of them willing to take classes to learn how. Social networks would be able to do just that, and those who did use these platforms tended to be healthier, more likely to achieve life goals, and were generally satisfied with their lives.

Loneliness is associated with a shorter lifespan, high blood pressure, dementia, and depression. To help avoid feeling lonely, the internet and social media can help connect people so that you’re never truly alone. At The Arbors, we have computers available for our residents to use and a staff that’s more than willing to show them the ropes. If you’re interested in learning more, or visiting The Arbors Assisted Living community, schedule a tour by contacting one of our five convenient locations:

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