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How Many Friends is Considered Healthy?

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Take a second to stop and think: “How many friends do I actually have and am I happy?” Being social and having friendships play a key role in determining a person’s psychological well-being. Taking some leisure time to sit back and relax with a friend isn’t a waste of time — it’s an important part of keeping you healthy!

The Magic Number is…
According to Alicia Arbaje, M.D., M.P.H. of Johns Hopkins, “There’s no magic number of social connections you need for better physical and emotional health.” You don’t necessarily have to have a long list of friends, just as long as the connections you do have are meeting your needs for emotional support. It also depends on the type of person you are. An introvert might feel satisfied with a small handful of friends, while an extrovert might need a bus load.

Ways to Meet More People

  • Join a Club – If you have a hobby you like to spend your time doing, see if there are any corresponding clubs. For example, rather than sitting in your room painting alone, find a painting club where you can meet others who share the same passion as you. Clubs that revolve around a specific hobby also make it easier for people to communicate since everyone has a starting point for conversation.
  • Take a Class – Just because you currently don’t have a hobby, doesn’t mean there aren’t similar places where you can meet people. Sign up for classes for things such as exercise, musical instruments, or an introductory course for making crafts. You will be able to bond with people who are also trying to learn something new!
  • Common Background – There are many ways to find potential friends with a similar background to your own. If you’re a veteran, there are always meetings for veterans to talk and share old stories with each other. No matter what your background is, consider starting a weekly or monthly group chat with others like you who want to link up and share some good quality time together.

Making sure you are spending a good portion of time interacting with friends is an important part of staying healthy. For other useful tips and information, visit our blog! If you’re interested in learning more or visiting The Arbors Assisted Living community, schedule a tour by contacting one of our five convenient locations:

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