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Fun Decorating Tips for Assisted Living

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Personalizing your bedroom and comfort space is important for everyone no matter where you live. If your family member has recently moved into an assisted living community, take the time to make their new bedroom a space they absolutely love! Decorating their new room can be a fun experience that you can share together with your loved one.

  • Be Colorful – Certain colors can evoke specific emotions, which is why you should look to add colorful decor that will make their room a “happy place.” Colors like yellow are viewed as uplifting, while shades of blue can have a calming effect. Whichever color your loved one likes best, be sure to incorporate it into the decor of the room.
  • Green Thumb – Nature is a beautiful thing, so why not let the outside into the room? Keep windows free of any obstructions to allow your loved one a clear view of nature’s beauty. Take it a step further by bringing in a plant or two to place in different areas of the room. Consider buying a fake variety of your loved one’s favorite plant or flowers!
  • Bring the Family – Decorating is fun when you can make it a bonding experience with the people you love. Try to gather as many family members and friends as you can to help decorate your loved one’s new room. Not only will these be a fun experience, but all of the decor will constantly remind your loved one of the people that are closest to them.
  • Guest-Friendly – Keep in mind potential company when decorating your loved one’s new bedroom. Keep around an extra folding chair or two in the corner of the room so guests can have a place to sit when they visit. Consider also leaving a basket of snacks or candy as a way for your loved one to be a host to his/her guests.

Moving somewhere new can be a tough adjustment, but it will always feel like home after some decorating with family and friends! For other useful tips and information, visit our blog! If you’re interested in learning more, or visiting The Arbors Assisted Living community, schedule a tour by contacting one of our five convenient locations:

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