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How You Can Stay Mentally Sharp

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As a person gets older they should strive to stay mentally active; and physically if possible. Doing so will help keep your mind sharp and alert, preventing any memory loss diseases from developing. Start improving your memory by:

Educating the Mind
The MacArthur Foundation completed a study that found education as one of the strongest predictors of mental capacity. The larger the mental capacity a person has, the higher the chance they have of retaining their memory skills. However, it’s not the level of education or type of job that will keep you sharp, but rather the level of engagement. Using your mind to instruct others, negotiate, and constantly think on your feet see a lower risk in developing diseases such as dementia.

Being the Life of the Party
Even if you’re not negotiating a business deal, having conversation with someone can help maintain your mental skills. Random chit chats can also be great for reducing stress; another cause of memory loss diseases. Closing yourself off can be quite common among seniors and should be addressed if a loved one has done so. Surround yourself with family, close friends, neighbors, acquaintances, or resident caregivers. Good conversation can go a long way!

Having Some Fun
Starting up a random conversation with someone you don’t know too well can seem a little strange, but not if you pair it with an activity. Take a class, join a club, or become part of a group where you can meet and interact with others as you take part in an activity. Now you will have a reason to talk to someone and an easy way to begin conversation. Engaging in activities while also conversing with others will not only help a person retain their memory, but it can also improve brain function.

With age, a person can slowly start to become forgetful, but with the right type of thinking they can prevent this from happening. All of the residents at The Arbors have the opportunity to interact with each other, participate in activities, and join clubs so they can stay mentally sharp. If you’re interested in learning more, or visiting The Arbors Assisted Living community, schedule a tour by contacting one of our five convenient locations:

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