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It’s no secret that staying active has many health benefits — and it’s especially important for seniors to keep moving all year round. Don’t let the cold, snow, and ice of winter derail you from your regularly scheduled fitness activities. From building strength to boosting memory, here are four things every senior can do to help them stay in shape!


Dancing is probably one of the most fun ways to exercise. Whether your favorite senior prefers to slow dance to the Walz or want’s to show off their tap shoes, there’s a way for every elder adult to be able to participate in dance — even with limited mobility. Not only can dancing provide fun and entertainment, but it also improves posture and flexibility as well as increase happiness. So get out there and cut a rug!

Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a gentle form of exercise that can be enjoyed by people of all physical abilities. It is a great senior exercise and can help improve balance. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend Tai Chi to help reduce the risk of falls. If you have a senior loved one who may have issues with balance this could be an exercise for them!


Get out and enjoy your community while you improve overall cardiovascular fitness. Walking is a low-impact activity that is easy on joints. It can be done at your own pace, and almost anywhere. If it’s too cold outside, your local shopping mall is a great place to walk around and get exercise. If you have a treadmill, put on the TV or listen to some music while you walk your way into health!

Chair Yoga

By incorporating a chair for support, chair yoga allows older adults, who might not want to get on the floor, to experience the many benefits of yoga. These include improved flexibility and range of motion, which can mean more independence completing everyday activities. Yoga is also a great way to relieve tension and stress and can help chase away those winter blues!

The Arbors Assisted Living is a community that fosters a healthy lifestyle for our residents and encourage them to participate in activities that will improve their overall health and well-being. We provide a variety of daily activities in which all are welcome to participate. Contact us to learn more about how we can help your senior loved one.

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