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At The Arbors Assisted Living, we want our senior citizen residents to have an enjoyable lifestyle. At our senior communities, there is always something to do, including:

• Participating in exercise classes
• Playing cards or board games
• Making crafts for a season or holiday
• Working in a flower or vegetable garden
• Traveling on field trips to local events

Our residents are also able to live at their own pace and enjoy time in their living spaces. Learn more about what makes our senior living community so great:

Live In a Safe and Friendly Environment

When a senior citizen has serious medical or mobility issues, living alone can become a struggle. However, in an assisted living community, a senior citizen is surrounded by her friends and knowledgeable medical personnel. With a push of a call button, it is possible to have assistance from a nursing assistant right away, and if a senior citizen has a medical emergency, then there is someone to contact local paramedics for help.

In addition, living alone can lead to dangers such as depression or anxiety from isolation. While a senior citizen who lives alone might need to worry about someone breaking into a home to prey on an elderly victim, in an assisted living environment, there is safety because there are numerous individuals living together.

Making Life Easier For Family Members

A senior citizen’s family may worry about their loved one who is living alone, and relatives often don’t have enough time to visit a mother or grandmother each day. However, when a senior citizen lives in an assisted living community, it takes the burden from her family. The senior citizen’s children and grandchildren can rest well knowing that their loved ones are in good hands in our communities. Call us to learn more about the different apartments, rooms or activities that are available in our safe and comfortable senior citizen community.

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