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Summer is here, and the weather is getting warmer each day! While we all love warmer weather, some days can turn into a scorcher, and seniors especially need to be careful not to overheat. Here are some reminders on how to stay cool all summer long!

Stay Hydrated

When it’s hot outside, you’re going to sweat. Replenishing your body’s moisture is key to keeping cool and staying hydrated. While water may be considered a boring drink, it doesn’t have to be! Up your hydration by adding the following to your glass of H2O!

  • Lemon
  • Lime
  • Apple
  • Oranges
  • Cucumbers

Opt to Have “Cooler” Meals

Cold meals can be just as satisfying as an old-fashioned hot one! Try some of these cool meals next time you have a dinner party or just want to indulge in a healthy snack:

  • Fish or chicken tacos
  • Cold fish salad (can include shrimp, calamari, and scallops)
  • Shrimp and avocado salad
  • Cold pasta salads
  • Cold soups (gazpacho, avocado)

Stay in the Shade

We all love to be outside when the weather is warm, but the sun can be harsh. If you’re at the beach, be sure to bring an umbrella and sit closer to the shore for a gentle ocean breeze. At parks and other outdoor recreation areas, set up in areas where there is a lot of shade. Don’t forget to pack water and other hydrating snacks like watermelon, celery, and cucumbers!

Circulate Air With a Fan

If it’s too hot outside and you don’t have an air conditioner, close the shades and use a few fans to create a cross breeze throughout your home. If you have a water bottle, give yourself a quick spritz to cool off as the breeze from your fan hits you!

Wear Loose Clothing

Seniors may not feel comfortable in restrictive clothing, but may still want to be covered up. Breathable fabrics in light colors are best. For seniors who have sensitive skin issues, clothing with natural fibers such as cotton is best. Avoid materials such as polyester and nylon.

The Arbors Assisted Living encourages our residents to take healthy precautions to stay safe. For more tips on how to keep seniors healthy and fit, check out our blog! To learn more about how we can assist you with your senior loved one, contact us to schedule a tour at one of our five convenient communities.

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