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Mistakes to Avoid in Funeral Planning

No one wants to plan a funeral, but it can be made

easier by planning ahead and avoiding common mistakes.

Join us for a Workshop on Funeral Planning

Saturday, April 8th, 2017 at 10am

The Arbors at Islandia West

1515 Veterans Memorial Highway, Islandia

Presented by

Jessica Mastauskas

Licensed Funeral Director


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You’re invited to a special seminar 

Balancing life today and dreams for tomorrow

During this interactive workshop we’ll discuss ways to:

Balance smart decisions about today with planning for tomorrow.

Plot your journey to retirement into doable steps so it’s manageable.

Maintain financial balance by being prepared for risks and unexpected events.

Presented by: Richard...

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assisted living long island Chronic kidney disease isn’t something that is talked about as often as it should be. However, this disease is one that can affect your life significantly if it’s left unchecked and untreated. In order to prevent developing chronic kidney disease, there are a few things you should know. What It Is Those who are diagnosed with chronic kidney disease (or...
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Join us for Community Bingo for Seniors 

Bring a prize and a little luck!

Thursday, March 9th


Breakfast will be served at 9:30 am, Bingo starts promptly at 10 am

BYOP - Bring Your Own Prize

Everyone Brings a Prize to be Won During the Game

The Arbors at Bohemia

1065 Smithtown...

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assisted livng The older people in your life are oftentimes the people that helped raise you into the person that stands before you in the mirror. You view them as wise and brave, which makes having conversations about their age that much harder. For those that are struggling to have the conversation about assisted living, here’s how you can go about it...
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assisted living long island You’ve seen it on the news, food packaging, health websites, and in the doctor’s office — high cholesterol is bad for your health. It’s common knowledge that your risk of heart disease significantly increases when your cholesterol levels are high. With everything you do know about cholesterol, there are few things you might not have heard. Genetics Play a...
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Our residents celebrated Mardi Gras!

Live music was provided by the New Yorkers. We laughed, Danced and put on our masks/feathers as we celebrated all afternoon. Our chefs provided some New Orleans inspired treats. A great time was had by all. Happy Mardi Gras from The Arbors at Hauppauge

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assisted living long island A person can experience a feeling of emptiness after the death of a family member or friend, retirement, divorce, the development of an illness, etc. All of these things have something in common: experiencing a sudden change that leaves you saying goodbye to a piece of your life that's been constant for a very long time. Luckily, there are Read more