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assisted living in long island Going to the doctor's office isn't an ideal way to spend a portion of your day, but it's a visit that’s much needed. Rather than just showing up, listening, and going home, there are things you can actively do to make your doctor visits as beneficial as possible!
  • Come With Notes - When you go to...
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assisted living in long island Eating healthier foods on a daily basis can help your body perform and feel better. Some of these healthy foods can also help you look better, also known as anti-aging foods. Now that we’re well into spring, take advantage of this season’s crop of anti-aging eats!
  • Beets - Betaine is an amino acid within beets...
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Do you have questions about...

· Affordable Assisted living options and senior care

· Value of homes, current market conditions

· Preserving your loved ones wealth and legacy

· Senior volunteer programs

· Long term care insurance

· Resources for seniors with Alzheimer’s or Dementia

· Federally funded pensions for Veterans to help pay for...

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assisted living in long island Have you been feeling down in the dumps lately? Maybe something has been on your mind that’s been throwing off your usual mood? If you're looking to get out of that funk, then boy, do we have just the tips for you!
  • Vitamin D - Those who aren’t receiving enough vitamin D each day are more susceptible...
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With Easter quickly approaching, the Arbors Assisted Living at Islandia West enjoyed a visit from the Easter Bunny this past Saturday.  He hopped on in to handout some Easter candy and to pose for some pictures.  It's nice to see, you are never to old for fun....
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assisted living in long island Do you have trouble falling asleep at night? Do you also like to have a snack right before you hit the sheets? Well you’re in for a treat because we have a list of seven foods that can help give you a better night’s sleep. So goodnight and good eats!
  • Bananas - This fruit is perfect for...
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