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senior resident assisted living When an unexpected life event occurs, like the death of a loved one, each person will grieve in their own way. There’s no correct or incorrect way to grieve, but there are things you should avoid doing. Certain behaviors and actions can prevent you from making sense of this loss, which will make it even more...
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assisted living long island Do you suffer from restless leg syndrome? This neurological sleep and movement disorder can be brought on because of certain medications or naturally due to a multitude of biological reasons. However it’s developed, there are ways to minimize the symptoms of restless leg syndrome that you can apply to your daily life.

Combination of Exercise & Relaxation

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assisted living long island Snacking is a mindless thing we all do because it keeps us busy — and because it tastes so good! One of the worst things to snack on are foods and drinks with a high sugar content. Not only can it assist with packing on the pounds, but it can lead to conditions like diabetes. Instead, utilize these Read more
assisted living long island Sleep apnea is a sleeping disorder that causes frequent breathing interruptions, which lead to a laundry list of negative health consequences. Those who suffer from this condition will experience constant tiredness and an increased risk for diabetes, stroke, heart disease, and memory loss. Before you can begin to treat your bedtime ailment, there are some things...
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assisted living long island Did you know eating at regular intervals, multiple times per day is better for your health than eating just three big meals per day? Now that you know you should be eating more often, don't think you can reach for that bag of chips or box of cookies. There are a handful of cholesterol-friendly foods you should be Read more
assisted living long island Are you the type of person that will typically stay mad at someone for extended periods of time — maybe for too long? Unfortunately, studies have shown that not only are these grudges not doing you any good, they’re actually hurting your health. If you’re looking to be a healthier person all around, start by learning to Read more

Join us for Community Bingo for Seniors 

Bring a prize and a little luck!

Thursday, June 29th


Breakfast will be served at 9:30 am, Bingo starts promptly at 10 am

BYOP - Bring Your Own Prize

Everyone Brings a Prize to be Won During the Game

The Arbors at Islandia East


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assisted living long island As we age, certain medications are needed to make sure we remain in a healthy state. However, these medications can become ineffective or increase in intensity when paired with certain foods and supplements. That’s why everyone who takes medication should be aware of the foods they need to stay away from.

Fish Oil & Blood Thinners

Fish oil is...
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assisted living long island Anxiety can be experienced at any time, in any setting, with different levels of intensity. Whether you have slight social anxiety or high anxiety due to a fear, constantly experiencing any degree of anxiety isn’t healthy. For those who need help with calming down during periods of anxiousness, try a few of these tips out.
  • Unplug...
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